MCL 342

Giveaway Rules

Giveaway Rules

When you make your ticket purchase, your ticket is immediately emailed to you, and it includes your ticket number on the ticket right then. No waiting for your ticket to arrive in another email or get lost in your spam folder. You can even log back into the MCL342 site and download your ticket directly from the site in case you lose your original ticket.

Handgun Giveaways

Long Gun Giveaways

All Other Giveaways

All firearm prizes will be shipped to an FFL Dealer of the Winner’s choice for pick up and background check.

Neither the Marine Corps League Det. 342 or other officials and personnel, nor any other person, organization or business sponsoring or participating in the MCL342 Giveaway, assumes any liability for any claims for injury or other damages arising out of the possession of any firearms, ATV’s, Side by Sides, motorcycles, recreational vehicles or vehicles obtained through this ticket; and by accepting this ticket, the holder acknowledges that limitation on liability.

In the unforeseen event that two ticket numbers are identical, the first entrant entered will supersede the duplicate. In that case, we would issue another ticket to the second entrant, or refund their money.



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