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Earl Anderson Marine Corps
League Detachment #342

About Gen. Earl Anderson

Earl Edward Anderson (June 24, 1919 – November 12, 2015) was a U.S. Marine four-star general. He was the youngest active duty Marine ever promoted to the rank of general and the first active duty Marine Naval Aviator to be promoted to a 4-star rank. He became Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps on April 1, 1972. He was promoted to general on March 31, 1972. General Keith B. McCutcheon had been promoted to four-star rank the day of his retirement for medical reasons on July 1, 1971. During his 35-year Marine career, he served in combat actions in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.

Anderson entered West Virginia University and graduated in 1940 after earning a Bachelor of Science degree. In June 1940 he was commissioned a Marine second lieutenant and reported to The Basic School (TBS) in Philadelphia for officer training. Upon graduation from TBS in February 1941, he was ordered to Sea School, Marine Barracks, Portsmouth, Virginia, where he served as an instructor. He remained in that assignment until May, when he received assignment to the USS Yorktown (CV-5), which was operating with the neutrality patrol in the North Atlantic.

Join and support our Detachment as we come together once a month for our general membership meeting to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Marines, FMF Corpsmen and Associates.

Our veteran members have served in every climb and place, in peace time and in war time. We have members who stormed the beaches of the pacific islands during WWII, weathered the cold during the Korean war or endured the humidity in the Vietnam terrain. Our newest generation have endured the scorching heat of the first Persian Gulf war to the streets of Mogadishu in Somalia. They have been part of the most critical operations in liberating Iraq or bringing down the strict regime in Afghanistan. This common characteristic to serve our nation has been seen around the world to help out those in need during global disasters needing humanitarian assistance.

We even call our fellow FMF Navy Corpsmen and Chaplains our brethren as they have endured the same conditions to ensure that their Marines survived.  No matter what era our members have been involved in during peace or war, we all have a common bond that guides us to come together.

We also welcome family members and supporters of Marines to come join as Associate Members to discuss ways to help support our community and veterans. We assist with the VA and other charitable organizations that support the veterans. We seek members to join our Color Guard that perform in parades or to render final honors at veteran funerals. We participate in the annual Marine Reserves Toys-for-Tots program and we celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday in style.

Our Story

Since 1976, we have led the effort to help our veterans and their families in Monongalia County and the greater North Central West Virginia area.

The story of Detachment 342 goes back beyond the Charter date of March 14th, 1976. Member Vernon Jameson, Eddie Johns, Charlie Bush, Earl “Al” Albertazzie, and Tom Teets, along with many others, sought former and active duty Marines from the local area to establish a charter membership with the required number of members. In March of 1976, the Charter was granted. Then on July 20th, 2016; through the efforts of Tom Hellyer and other Senior Members, the detachment was renamed from the Monongalia Detachment #342 to the Earl Anderson Detachment #342 to honor General Earl Anderson, USMC, who was raised in Morgantown WV.

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